Edible Gold

GoldGlitz London are excited to bring you a range of exclusive 24K delicacies, which includes Gold layered chocolate and sugar.

The process of applying a layer of pure gold onto the surface of specific foods gives it an entirely sophisticated look of style and elegance.

Simply put 'This is the finest Gold on the finest ingredients' and please note; this is not the standard gold leaf powder or spray that is commonly used on food and beverages today.

This is pure 999 fine gold!


The best chocolate in the world is now available through GoldGlitz London and has been previously supplied to the Harrods store in London.

Produced by World Gold Medal Winner, Mr Franz Clement, who with traditional techniques, the use of top quality ingredients and a determination to 'seek' the ultimate taste experience has been assigned one of the Top Chocolatiers in Europe.

The basis for all the products that Franz Clement supplies the Edible Gold Range is 'Couverture', which has been given a purity guarantee from the Swiss manufacturer 'Felchlin'.

The Cacao beans are carefully selected from sustainable plantations based in Ecuador and Bolivia.  

A wide selection is available from individual bars to selection boxes which are perfect for occasions such as weddings, ceremonies, Valentines Day and various other special occasions throughout the year.


Pure gold has been delicately added to fine sugar and once in contact with food or drink the gold and sugar stand out beautifully.  When stirred into beverages, watch as the gold separates from the sugar and performs a 'dance' in your drink.

24K sugar is also ideal for food decoration with cakes, desserts and beverages.

If you are interested in ordering any of the Edible Gold range of products, then please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.