I started GoldGlitz London in the year 2013, after trying many business projects before this I found myself being invited to see the process of electroplating; thus, seeing a spoon being coated with gold got my ‘creative juices’ flowing and this is where it all started.

The early days consisted of electroplating projects such as vehicle interiors, jewellery, bathroom taps and door fittings.  The variety of work was always interesting to say the least, it was all good and was definitely a huge learning experience.


Past collaborations include;



EE Mobile

The Anonymous Concierge

Fifty-One East, Qatar


All of my design material is purchased in the UK.  My precious metal material is purchased from retailers based in London’s famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden.

I have used the same suppliers for my Swarovski elements for several years now and they are all Certified Swarovski Wholesaler’s.

It is vital to source material from ethically sourced companies and on a personal level I always recycle all my scrap metal and try to use less waste in my projects as possible.

The Cacao we use on the Edible gold range is from family-owned farms who have been trained to grow the sustainable chocolate using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  This is vital for the environment and for future generations.

Present day: I focus a lot of my work on creating handmade jewellery and ‘Bling’ art pieces.  I love things that glitter and sparkle, the way light can ‘bounce’ off a crystal is truly an art in itself and something that always gets me excited!

I love the way an idea can start off in your mind, put pen to paper and start creating.  I guess it's a form of therapy and even more satisfying to see my work loved by the client. 

When they are happy it makes them feel 'special', confident and gives belief.

This is the goal which makes me happy and is worth it!