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GoldGlitz London specialise in providing a range of customised services as well as retailing a variety of luxury gifts that are combined to give you an experience that is Unique, Customised and Exquisite.


Our services include; electroplating, metal polishing, Swarovski and diamond customisation.  The GoldGlitz London team will provide you with a realistic and friendly service, where our main focus is based on quality and efficiency.  We use the latest industry methods in all aspects of our work and this entails strict precision with attention to detail, thus giving you the confidence and assurance that your work is guaranteed quality at all times.


Our company values are based on putting the client first, achieving goals and being Unique in every way.  

We believe that commitment and consistency are vital to keeping good relationships and our team work closely with our clients to provide realistic deadlines aswell as offering specific advice or information based on the clients needs, giving you the assurance that the service that you receive from GoldGlitz London is perfect in every way.





Offering a range of custom services,

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A truly unique experience!  

Pure 24ct gold combined with the finest of foods

Specialising in luxury bespoke gifts that are perfect for any occasion

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